Why do I need travel insurance?

There are wonderful travel stories of a chance find in a little art gallery in Barcelona or a surprisingly great meal at a Hong Kong wet market or a spontaneous concert in a New York subway. Travelling also gives us horror stories like being trapped in a snow storm in Toronto or breaking an ankle at Machu Pichu or having your bags stolen in Manila.

Zurich Travel Insurance is there to help you when your travel does not go as planned Zurich has been selling Travel Insurance since 1919, which is almost 100 years of experience in protecting travelers. In that time we’ve seen a lot of things that can go wrong on your trip.

There are many scenarios that could involve you requiring medical assistance whilst away, having to cancel your trip or simply losing your luggage. Here is a list of five examples of why you need Zurich Travel Insurance:

  1. After arriving in Paris, you discover that your luggage hasn’t arrived. If it’s stolen, who will cover the cost of replacing the contents? Who will help you find it, if it is lost? If it’s just delayed, who will reimburse you for buying a toothbrush and other necessities?
  2. You’re hiking in Yosemite National Park in California and you fall and break your leg. Who will arrange and pay for your medical evacuation?
  3. On a ferry, if you accidentally knock your bag into Sydney Harbour, who will help you replace your lost purse and passport?
  4. Three weeks before your trip to Beijing, your father becomes very sick. Who will cover the cost of your pre-paid travel expenses?
  5. There is a typhoon in the Philippines and your return flight home from Cebu is delayed by 24 hours. Who will help you find accommodation and assist in getting you home quickly?

Zurich Travel insurance can help you. We offer high benefits, as an example, for the cost of;

  • two coffees in Singapore, we can cover you for $US100,000 of Personal Accident cover,
  • a bus journey from Toronto to Ontario, Canada, we offer unlimited medical evacuation cover
  • renting a prime beach spot in the French Riviera, we can cover $US2,000 of your personal belongings.

Zurich Travel Insurance is designed to cover travel mishaps, leaving you free to come back with great travel stories. Call Zurich Travel Insurance now on 1500 987 or buy online in three quick and easy steps.