Why Should I Choose Zurich?

Protecting what people truly love.

Zurich is a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets. With about 54,000 employees, we provide a wide range of general insurance and life insurance products and services. We serve individuals, small businesses, and mid-sized and large companies, including multinational corporations, in more than 210 countries and territories.


We’re a global insurer.

Today, risks are closely interconnected. They can affect all of us in unpredictable ways, and they are your concern as well as ours. By working together, we can find solutions to the challenge of interconnected risks: businesses, governments, communities and researchers all have a part to play. At Zurich, we look at the bigger picture - deeper, further and wider - on risks issues. Our aim is to help our customers and other stakeholders understand and protect themselves from risk. The Zurich Commitment, introduced in 2012, sums up our thinking about who we are, why we’re in business, and what we offer to all our stakeholders.

We care about our customers.

Our customers are the individuals, families, businesses and institutions that face risk every day. We must earn their trust – and the commitment of the agents, brokers and others that help us serve them. We must deliver the insights, products and services that empower them to understand and protect themselves from those risks. As One Zurich, we can and must exceed their expectations. And when adversity strikes, we must be there for each of them with the solutions and financial strength to deliver on our promise.

We care about our people.

Our people are the diverse women and men who together strive to make Zurich the best global insurer. We value their passion and personal integrity, and recognize those as a basis of our strength. We must invest in their capabilities and expertise so that each may fulfill his or her individual potential. We must celebrate success, and learn from mistakes. We must live up to our common set of values, and hold each other accountable.

We care about our shareholders.

Our shareholders are the individuals and institutions that provide the financial strength that backs our promises. We must deliver a fair, reliable and sustainable return on their investment. We must do so with a clear focus on our core business of insurance, an uncompromising commitment to financial and portfolio discipline, and investing in our future.

We care about our communities.

Our communities are where our customers, our people and our shareholders live and work. While we can be proud of the contribution to society Zurich makes through our core business of insurance, we must also give back to our communities through our talent, time and resources.

We give you commitment.

We have a commitment to serve our customer. That is why we launched Zurich Action Promises 250 for Travel Insurance. This is a program where you can test our service commitment to you. This promise is to cover and serve you. Keeping our promise should be fast and easy and to show you how serious we are with three promises.

If in the unlikely event we miss any of these three promises we shall give you IDR 250,000 in shopping vouchers.

Travel safely with Zurich.

We sold our first Travel Insurance policy in 1919 and in our almost 100 years of protecting travelers, we have gained significant expertise. It’s this expertise that we bring to Indonesia and design products that a focused on ensuring you get the most out of your Travel.

Things can go wrong when you are traveling, so Zurich Indonesia offers Travel Insurance to protect you from medical emergencies, losing your bags or a delayed flight and more.

Our benefits are fully described in the Cover section of this website and there a number of these that are crucial to selecting an insurer like Zurich. We are there to protect you;

  • for business and personal journeys
  • during scheduled transport across air, land and sea
  • for whatever it costs for an emergency medical evacuation
  • no matter what your age
  • from up to $US100,000 in emergency medical expenses
  • with $US100,00 coverage for personal accident claims

If something does go wrong and you are covered with Zurich Travel Insurance, our Claims team is here to make the process as quick and smooth as possible. For information on how to claim, please click here.

So, why choose Zurich?

Because we protect what you truly love.

Call Zurich now for Travel Insurance on 1500 987 or buy online in four quick and easy steps.